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Choudhary Advocates is a providing extensive range of legal services and representation to clients in the field of Real Estate and Property Disputes. You can take the services of a Property Lawyer in Indore who will put their best effort into extracting vital evidence for your case and help you in getting resolve disputes easily in your favor.

We are the best Property Advocate in Indore we resolve issues of illegal possession, ancestral property settlement, and property disputes of siblings, and harassment by builders; disputes between relatives regarding common property, land, and farms. We are experienced real estate lawyers in Indore who offer services in harassment cases against brokers, property agents, and landlords of tenants.

Choudhary Advocates holds expertise in dealing with intricate details which play a pivotal role in these disputes and matters. The lawyers of the firm are licensed to represent you as Advocates before district and session courts and Hon’ble High court

We are the property lawyer in Indore because of our extensive expertise and competence in this area. Depending on the situation, our team of highly skilled real estate lawyers could create the most appropriate legal solutions for you. We are the most sought after property lawyer in Indore due to our impeccable track record and expert knowledge in all the aspects of real estate laws. We are known for our proactive approach and we will ensure that we provide you with the best legal support in this field of law. We are the real estate lawyer in Indore because of our expertise and competency in this field.

We are the best property lawyers in Indore, doing all activities under the MP Land Revenue Act 1959 like:

  • Namantaran,
  • Batankan,
  • Simankan (field Book), 
  • Nazul NOC,
  • Mishal Bandobast,
  • Diversion of land and etc.

We help with permission activities (colony, change of land use, and integration of plots) of the Town and Country Planning Department and Development related work. We help our client of Colonizer license and development permission and RERA Approval.

You can reach out to the top and experienced “Property Advocate in Indore” from Choudhary Advocates to handle matters related to real estate and property dispute.

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